Ford Foundation Research

Graduate Research Fellowship for Ford Foundation NID research grant.

Methodologies : Ethnography Research | Inclusive Design | Universal Design

Design Brief:

To understand how kids with Dyslexia comprehend information and design effective assistive digital tools for them.

Process :

The goal of my Ford Foundation sponsored research was to understand how people with Dyslexia and other learning disabilities go about comprehending and analyzing structured and unstructured information presented to them. People with these abilities are comfortable with multi-sensory techniques and are often good with 3D visual and spatial comprehension. Hence keeping in mind these special abilities, I went about designing effective assistive digital medium for them. Inclusive Technology can provide physical support and can facilitate understanding and engagement with knowledge and people. My thesis conclusion was suggestions to detect Dyslexia in schools and make teachers aware of the correct techniques to handle their unique challenges.

Thesis extract pdf (21.2 MB) HERE.