Immersive Experience Design

Various projects creating Immersive experience in Virtual Worlds

Cook it Up!

Methodologies : Experience Design | Game Design | Gesture Design | Visual Design

Cook it Up ! is a virtual interactive cooking experience on the Jam-O-Drum,which is a 4 person table top based interface device designed for experimentation at CMU. The experience presents each guest with a number of ingredients and the guest by selecting the combination of ingredients, cook up a dish. Based on the selection of ingredients, the guest is then displayed the dish he/she cooked, and is given rating in terms of stars and a verbal feedback. I worked on the entire look and feel and all 2D art assets, besides the experience design. Advisor : Jesse Schell.

Cook it Up ! from kunjel chawda on Vimeo.

Laser Painting

Methodologies : Ubiquitous computing | Experience Design | Collaborative Art

Laser Painter is a collaborative painting experience where multiple people can paint a single image by using laser pointers.The laser points are detected on the large projection canvas and the sketches are created real time. This experience was performed at the annual “Building Virtual Worlds” at Carnegie Mellon University show where the best virtual worlds created are displayed to a packed audience of 500+ people. Advisor : Jesse Schell.

Laser painter from kunjel chawda on Vimeo.

Games for Apple iPhone

Methodologies : iPhone Games | Game Design | Visual Design

This project was pitched when the Apple first gen iPhone SDK was announced to be released in early 2008. We aimed to develop applications that leveraged Apple’s new iPhone interaction paradigm. Our goal was to develop games, toys, tools, social interactions, etc, that explore and utilize these features in a way that would make even the technophobe willing to pick one up. We visited Apple headquarters at Cupertino where we presented our project directions.

Since the iPhone SDK released much later than announced, we did a lot of paper prototyping of our concepts. An article written on our paper prototyping method was published by HERE.

The first half of the semester was spent exploring those features and developing relevant interactions with those features.When Apple released the iPhone SDK, the team ported those previous interactions over to the native environment, all while investigating, designing, and developing a multi-user social interaction that intended to utilize the full spectrum of the iPhone’s touch interface. I primarily worked on wire framing, UI design and specific art elements.

iPhone game from kunjel chawda on Vimeo.