UX designer on workshop to develop concepts for intelligent home system.

Methodologies : Affinity Diagram | Service Blueprint | Need and concept validation

Design Brief:

Pick an aspect to develop an intelligent support system for the home.

Process :

Our assignment at Carnegie Mellon University was to explore opportunities and design challenges around the idea of an intelligent service cast to support a family. The goal was to design an application of computational intelligence to improve the quality of people’s lives with respect to a broad definition of family. We chose to focus on families with dogs. We have designed EyeDog. EyeDog is an intelligent camera which attaches to your dog’s collar and records the world from your dog’s point of view. The process book details our design process and the video sketch demonstrates our final design. Advisor : Prof. John Zimmerman.

Check out the User Research Presentation HERE.

Check out the entire design process HERE.

EyeDog from kunjel chawda on Vimeo.

The above video explains our concept via storytelling.